Learn to perfect your crochet technique with these mastery tips—soon flat crochet circles & flawlessly woven in ends will be at your fingertips.

Joining Yarn and Changing Colors (Single Crochet)
How to change yarn colors and attach new yarn during a row and when a yarn ball runs out


Working in the Round by Spiraling
How to crochet in the round using the spiral method—common for making amigurumi


Fastening Off, Closing & Weaving in Ends of Crochet Amigurumi Toys
How to fasten off, close the end and weave in the yarn tail to finish a crochet amigurumi toy


Working in the Round Using a Turning Chain
How to work in the round using a turning chain


Making a Perfect Circle (Single Crochet)
How to crochet a perfect circle in single crochet (sc)

Need a little more detail? Read How to Crochet a Perfect Circle in Blog(sp)


Increasing Stitches in a Row or Round (Single Crochet)
How to increase stitches in a row or round, essential to shaping any project or garment


Working in the Front or Back Loops of Stitch (Double Crochet)
How to work into the front and back loops of stitch using
double crochet (dc) to create textured stitches


Fastening Off & Weaving in Yarn Ends in Dense & Lacy Crochet Fabrics
If you don't want those ends to poke out, watch this...


Slip Stitch Edging
How to make a slip stitch (sl st) edging in crochet to tidy and reinforce an edge


Three Ways to Decrease Stitches in a Row or Round
Three ways to decrease stitches in a row or round in crochet, including the invisible
decrease, skipping a stitch and single crochet 2 stitches together (sc2tog)