Crochet can be easily learned and masterfully honed over time.

With patterns appropriate for all ages and skill levels, Nattypat Crochet project are accessible to new and old crocheters alike. To help you find a project that fits your crochet ability, a skill level rating and list of terms and techniques required is included for every Nattypat Crochet pattern. Even if a pattern requires a crochet skill you don’t currently have, all patterns include links to video tutorials hosted by Natalie of Nattypat Crochet for all necessary stitches and techniques.

All Nattypat Crochet patterns use standard American crochet terminology. If you’re from the United Kingdom or Australia, please take note of the differences in nomenclature.

When it comes to yarn selection, Nattypat Crochet doesn’t dictate but does provide a few suggestions. As an independent crochet company, Nattypat Crochet wants you to explore working with different yarn fibres, weights and manufacturers, including small manufacturers local to your area. All Nattypat Crochet patterns list recommended yarns, yarn weight, hook size, final project dimensions, and gauge (if necessary) to complete each project. Simply select a yarn and crochet hook that matches all recommendations and start crocheting. Should you use yarn that is of a different weight than recommended, please note that your project will not match the listed final dimensions. For best results crocheting amigurumi, stick to a smooth, tightly twisted yarn and adjust your hook size to ensure tight gauge and to prevent stuffing show-through.


Who is Nattypat?

Hi! I’m Natalie Gagnon, the Founder & Creative Director of Nattypat Crochet. Some people like to call me Nattypat.

I started Nattypat in 2010 when a slightly obsessive urge to make cute things became unbearable. In all honesty, if I didn’t share my creations with the world I think I’d currently be buried under a massive pile of yarn and crochet hooks.

I learned to crochet from a friend’s grandmother after admiring her handiwork for several months. After some persistent teaching and a few granny squares I was hooked. Now I crochet using inherited crochet hooks from this lovely lady and my own two grans who sadly passed before I took up the skill. I always think about all the items they made with love using these hooks—it is a gift to have and hold such items. Hopefully you’ll be able to treasure something made from one of my patterns and the gift can be paid forward.

Everything Nattypat Crochet is completely generated by me—from crochet patterns, social media posts, videos, and graphic design, to this very website—I’m a one woman show! When I'm not busy crocheting you'll find me teaching graphic design courses at both Simon Fraser University and Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada.

Enough about me! I am eternally grateful to the many friends, strangers, and fans that have helped me along the way. Your support, comments and constructive criticism have helped make Nattypat Crochet what it is and it continues to shape its growth. If you’d like to get in touch, please connect with me on Linkedin or email me directly.

Happy Crocheting!


Natalie Gagnon, Founder & Creative Director